The 5 Great Lakes Tour 2006!!

Stop 1: visit Avery in Rochester (Oh, and the other Van Dammes too)

Windsor: Nelson & Yvonne Voakes, Geralyn, Mary Ann Bottisan,
Jerry & Celeste Larsen (from Siberia and Colorado), Jim & Mary Margaret

Some guy feeding the birds down by the Detroit River, in Windsor

Mathew Pariseau gets some air

Tiffany Pariseau attemps to levitate without all that work

Somer Brez Pariseau hangs loose

The Van Hout clan ready to party

Sittin' on the Vollmayers' dock of the bay

Amanda Van Hout

In Midland, we visited Christina Moore

If you seek a beautiful peninsula, take your pick here.
And while you're at it, see which Great Lake you like better

After we've seen the Cosgrove relatives and toured the cemetery,
what is there to do in Gladstone, Michigan if you don't fish for walleye?
Well, they have their claim to fame and here it is.

The critters are friendly in the U.P.

Munising Falls: 50 feet of delicate beauty.

The lighthouse in Munising Bay

Pictured Rocks National Seashore

...then the fog rolled into Battleship Row

Miner's Castle, on our last visit in 1972

What it looks like today, after the East turret slid into Lake Superior in April

Well, it's still pretty

Trumpeter swans,  back from near extinction, at Seney National Wildlife refuge
They've got loons, too..that's a deer at the edge of the lake

Wagner Falls. No, we didn't see all 200 waterfalls in the U.P.

Of course, we had to see Tahquamenon.
It's 50 feet high and 200 feet across.

The ore carriers still pass Whitefish Point

Rush hour in Paradise, south of Whitefish Point

In Manistee, we met Dottie Murray, Mickey and his wife Carol, and Becky and her grandkids.
Which we only do about every 40 years.

In St. Mary's, the high point of Ohio (elev. 670 ft.) Fr. Ed
showed us the canal boat on the Erie-Miami canal.

We tried to tell Avery about our trip. 
Well, I hope you were more interested than she was.

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Tweaked 1/6/2007

The Pariseau kids are Jim's sister Mary's kids

I don't know why they spelled it this way

Christina Moore is Jim's niece

Looking North at the Mackinac Bridge, you see the Upper Peninsula,  with Lake Michigan to the west and Lake Huron to the right.

The Cosgroves are Mary Margaret's long-lost relatives in the U.P.

Mickey and Becky  are Jim's second cousins. Trivia: Jim's middle name is Murray. Coincidence?  No.

Fr. Ed Oen is the priest who officiated at our wedding, July 6, 1974