Summer vacation, 2001. We started out with a micro-vacation.............

Mary Casey, Missy and Debbie Larsen, Geralyn Casey striking sultry poses in garbage bag sarongs
Hey, Elise! I'm takin' a picture here!

Debbie and Missy weren't supposed to sit on this tree, but they had never been to Niagara, being from Colorado and all.

Then our journey to Alaska started..along with the rain. First stop was Seattle where Jim's brother John lives. We ended their months long drought.

"They're just bills, Ben, let mom deal with them when she gets home."

Then we toured the lower corner of British Columbia, and visited MM's friend Connie.

Then on to the MS Ryndam and cruising up the coast of Alaska: Ketchikan, Juneau
Yes, Kateri was wearing gloves. Smart.
Looking for gold in Juneau

And when it was too rough to go to Sitka, we finally met Marieke in Haines

Mocking the totem
Reading the historical plaques

Doing what Belgians do
Trying on a bowler at the museum. She didn't try on the long johns.

White girls can't dance. Not like Tlingits.

   Group hug
Valdez Harbor. We saw lots of fog.

You can see plenty of pictures of Alaskan mountains, ocean, sunsets, etc. on Marieke's Snapfish site. So we won't bore you with too many of ours.

At Marieke's suggestion, posing as a British pop group.