Holly Jolly Two !!
Xmas Eve, 2001

Kathleen Kalinowski
Leo Van Damme

Deacon Nick and Peter Rosier dig in

BJ wears his reindeer horns

Jeremy and Kathy Miller

Christine Kalinowski and ????

Cindy Gurecki and Stephanie Rose

Luke Miller, Jason Clinch, Chris Czerwinski

Cindy and Jim Clinch


Julie Nehring had a good time

Marieke Van Damme came from Sitka to take family pictures

Drop-ins from Detroit, MM Van Damme's sister's family

Luke's trivia game was fun

Mr. and Mrs. James Kalinowski, parents of the Bride

   Nice shot of the Kalinowskis

Matt Miller's left knee was a casualty of the Turkey Bowl

I'm cute

Oh yeah, I deleted all the rest of the HJ2 photos that Marieke took. You've had long enough to see them, I figure. If you want copies you'll have to get ahold of Marieke, who took them.

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