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Kathryn Haehn, MM's Godchild in Rochester - cute shot 1  -  cute shot 2

Tiffany Pariseau

Amanda Van Hout

Louis, Brian, Rose and J. T. Van Hout
    Leo's Graduation

     Easter 98

Jim partying with beautiful women, mostly the Haehn girls of Rochester, NY

Grandpa Schneider at Lemke's bar with a large group of guys....we have no idea why

Tremelo, Belgium
Gaston and the guys having some REAL beer

Thanksgiving 1994
Van Dammes, Caseys, and booze - a deadly combination

Sudbury, Ontario, summer 1994
 A typical pose:
Jan-Luc on air guitar, Kateri mid-pinwheel, Marieke basking, Leo climbing the walls

Berlaar, Belgium
 The "American House", where Louis Van Hout grew up in Belgium. This house stands out from its neighbors because of its American (Detroit) style.

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