Van Damme Photo Album #2 (1998)


This is Smo (usuall pronounced schmoe) Kateri's Guinea Pig (Cavy). This was in October 1996 when she was just a little rodent. She's just as cute now but a lot bigger.  


   Smo in June 1997.  These pictures were part of Kateri's science fair project, which showed how Smo could learn to negotiate a a maze, which she learned in 10 minutes.  

  Jim, Marieke and her friend Rocky try to take out Notorious B.I.G., our 1998 Christmas tree. Jan-Luc and Kateri picked it out and insisted the bigger the tree the better the Christmas. It had a 6 inch diameter trunk and took up half the living room. We had to hack it into pieces to get it out. It WAS a good Christmas. 


Christmas Eve at St. Mary's; Marieke, Leo, Kateri and Jan-Luc

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