A choice selection of our
2007 snapshots

Avery plays in the snow with her favorite uncle

The new roof sheds snow. Unfortunately it compacts into a 6 foot high glacier in front of the door.

Kateri ate the left side of the mushroom

MC snoozes in a comfy spot

Conrail has a bad day in Oneida

Leo anticipates a garbage plate (a specialty of Rochester)

Next door, Harry got some renters in his mailbox

LeMoyne graduates



What Father Hennepin saw (he was born in Belgium, incidentally)
Wait...where's the hotels?

Mary Margaret ate the right side of the mushroom

Alyssa in her great grandpa's tree, with the Traveling Jesus who also made it to NYC, Boston, Niagara, and a few other places

Cousins: Somer, Britney, Jacquelyn, Alyssa

Lotta Van Dammes here

Grandpa and Avery bike the lawn

Target practice

Enjoying the Riverfire in Providence, RI

Bonus grandkid picture

Thanksgiving with our niece Jennifer and family, and Leo and family

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December 21, 2007

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