A few of our
2008 snapshots

What and where?

Mary Margaret holding a brick of "the auld sod", (peat) in Ireland

Real or fake?

Waiting for Harvard graduation to start

Why does Marieke have a lamp and sheaves of wheat?

Something about students in the Extension school studying at night, and tuition being less than a sheaf of wheat (not any more!).

Look, Ma, I went to Harvard and got a broccoli (we don't know this chick)

Jan-Luc and Annika at the reunion

Kateri teaches contortionism in Madagascar

Annika emerges from a portal at warp speed

Jennifer smooches Chris

One of many phenomena at the social center of Brooklyn

Is your host wearing lederhosen?

On the cruise at the family reunion

Nadyne tries on her son in law's headgear

Real or fake?

Will Jan-Luc's art installation last until 2009?

Syracuse or Madagascar?

Sister Joan's room in New Orleans was REALLY big  (yes, this is random)

Does salvation come in a bottle?

Who was St. Alphonsus anyway, and what is he king of?

Is this man in pain?

I dunno, how do you like this effect?

Real, or a little too perfect?

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December 7, 2008