Random Photos of 2009

that didn't quite make the cut for our Christmas Newsletter


MM interpreting at Easter

Reading to Avery

Swinging with Uncle Jan-Luc

and reading

Leo reads the Help Wanted

Leprechaun visits the Deaf

Jan-Luc works with these dummies in the Old Navy TV ads

MM at Dead Horse Point, Utah

Kathleen, Avery and Annika enjoy some art and cuddling

One of Marieke's photo contest entries.

Thrill ride in Boston: Swan boats, Public Garden

Belgian bier in Boston

Jan-Luc ventures out into the atmosphere of Brooklyn

Annika shows off our toilet

Great-grandpa chills out

Jim chills out at an arch in Utah

Don't know how they get the sky that color. Maybe that's why they call it Colorado.

Chittenango Falls, 30 miles from us.

Kite flying with the grandkids usually ends like this

Do they need a little tourism-enhancement at Taughannuck Falls? It's higher than Niagara.

Jan-Luc's Oktoberfest

Thanksgiving with Jim's niece Jennifer, her daughter Alysa, Leo's in-laws, and the usual gang (missing Jan-Luc and Marieke, and Jim took the picture)

Tired of us yet? You might like the oldies in our Picasa albums, especially the Twin Lakes "then and now".