The Van Damme - Kalinowski Wedding

The Shower

The girls have a good time

The Rehearsal

Bridesmaids Heather Mulroy, Susan Thomas, Kateri and Marieke Van Damme, Maid of Honor Christine Kalinowski, and the bride

The groom, Best Man Jan-Luc Van Damme, Luke Miller, Jason "Clinch" Clinch, Jason "Soup" Campbell, Brian "Coves" Coveleskie

The rehearsal dinner at Powdermill Park


Katie Pangburn, Marieke, Judy Jacomet, John Vollmayer

Van Hout Clan



Mike Vollmayer and MM have a cake-eating contest

The Wedding

Christine gets fixed up

Marieke is apprehensive, but Kateri is cool

Kateri alights from the limo at the church

The Van Damme - Kalinowski Wedding
May 25, 2002

Reading: Song of Songs 14, 16a; 8:6-7a
    Read by Melissa Skinner
Responsorial Psalm: Ps. 145
    Read by Daniel Casey
Second Reading: 1 Corinthians 12:31 - 13-8a
    Read by Michael Spezzano
Gospel: John 15:9-12
    Read by Fr. Robert Werth
Homily: Given by Fr. Robert Werth

Rite of Marriage

Officiated by Fr. Raymond Fleming
Exchange of Vows
Blessing of the Rings 
Blessing of the Hands
Lighting of the Unity Candle
 Prayers of the Faithful: Read by Dawn Simpkins and Louis Van Hout
Presentation of the  Gifts: Jennifer Grushinski, Jason Rees, Michael Vollmayer,
and Mary Colleen Casey

Offertory Song: I Will be Here ... Chapman

The Parents of the groom ready to march down the aisle

Chris Kinsler and Coves escort Heather

Soup and Sue

Clinch and Kateri

Luke and Marieke

Jan-Luc and Christine

Ski fights the urge to tap-dance


They make it official

The moms light the Unity Candle


Something had to go wrong.
Fortunately, it was only misspellings in the program and cake

The reception

The Smooshing



The Menottis, Deaf friends of MM

Fr. Ray Fleming wins Pancho Villa lookalike contest

Mike and Rosemary Salamone Shake It Up


Jonathan Salamone: second place, Pancho Villa lookalike contest


Judy and MM chicken dance

Steve and Lisa Haehn Hokey-Pokey

Some of The Guys

Some of The Girls

Only known photo of Greg Van Damme, who took some of these pix

Bwana Lou does the Watusi


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