To all our friends and family, Greetings!

Christmas 1998

Here we are, hale and hearty and another year wiser. Hopefully this finds you the same!

This past May was Leo's graduation from St. Bonaventure U. with a degree in Biology. After sending out resumes all summer, he finally accepted a job in Rochester and moved there in August. His apartment is at 275 Park Avenue, Apt 36, Rochester NY 14607. He has since worked his way up to a job that is fairly decent, selling industrial equipment and such.

In May Jim got to visit his relatives for a week and on the way back picked up Jan-Luc from school. In July we visited Detroit, dropped in on the McKnights in Cleveland, toured Pittsburgh, then MM turned around and went back to Detroit, accompanied by Marieke, for Aunt Leona's birthday. We also went to Kingston, Ontario, in the spring and saw the damage from the big ice storm; Ottawa, just to see it again; and Cape Cod in late August.

For Thanksgiving we hosted the John Van Hout family. The highlight was MM's 50th birthday celebration, complete with fireworks and a lighted "50" sign courtesy of John Vollmayer. Kateri enjoys 8th grade at RCH (Rome Catholic Junior/Senior High School). This summer she went to Girl Scout camp again and lived on an island, and returned there with her Dad in September for the Me and My Pal overnight (the weather was great, for once). Her soccer team was undefeated this year. Smo, her guinea pig, still charms us.

Marieke  is a junior at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, majoring in history, and working the college archives cataloging photos. She will be studying at Essex University (east of London on the English Channel) next semester until July. More in-depth adventures are available upon request.

Jan-Luc  is a senior at Fredonia majoring in Communications, and spends a lot of time at the college TV studio. His current show is called The Lunatic Experiments. Next semester he will produce a couple of documentaries then end his college career in May.

Mary Margaret substitute teaches all over and works with the Deaf, among other things. She was commissioned as a lay minister in September. She hopes to take over the Syracuse Catholic Deaf Community when the pastor leaves on sabbatical.

Jim  doesn't get out much, but he still goes to a zinc mine up north to test a ground penetrating radar. (Or, as we like to say, he is a "Man in Black"and researches aliens.)

Keep in touch! E-mail us! We hope you are healthy and happy. Best wishes for the coming year!