Christmas 2003
To our friends and family: Greetings!  

After hibernating through a really snowy winter it was good to visit Marieke in Boston during “winter (Feb) break” and get her tour of the Salem Maritime Museum. Lately she has been taking museum courses at Harvard and interning as a Museum Technician, and has a cat to look after.


Since we’ve avoided New York City for the last 30 years, we decided to visit Jan-Luc at Easter. Marieke came from Boston and the 5 of us did all the tourist stuff. In four days we saw Ellis Island, the WTC site, a Broadway musical, Chinatown, SoHo, the UN, Macy's, the Cathedral at Easter (Jan-Luc was roped in to do the collection), Lady Liberty, Little Italy, Lincoln Center, the Intrepid, Central Park, all the Squares, and a few other cool things.

Central Park

In the summer we vacationed in Rhode Island of all places, and Marieke came to visit us there. We got a private tour of their cozy little Capitol and gaped at the mansions in Newport.

Newport, R.I.

In the spring Leo and Katie successfully house-hunted and moved in with help from friends and family. Then they started acquiring critters, and now they have two dogs to go with their two cats. They now have almost as much stuff as we do, and a swimming pool besides.

Kateri graduated from Rome Catholic High in June, then spent the summer at Camp Nazareth, where she was promoted to head counselor. She now studies at LeMoyne College majoring in history, with a minor in education. 

Camp Nazareth

Jan-Luc lives in Brooklyn and works on commercial production shoots in NYC. He is also editing documentaries and short films on a variety of topics.  He seems to have tired of blogging but now sends pictures of Gotham from his phone. 

Just the two of us went to New Orleans (first time!) in October for the wedding of nephew Marc Nuar to lovely Irma Mahar. We also toured the French Quarter, the bayous and saw our seminarian friend from Uganda, Athanasius Kikoba.  It was grand!

Jackson Square

In November, Leo got a trip to Australia from Wyeth and he and Katie decided to go to California and Hawaii, since they were right on the way, sort of.


Mary Margaret has survived another year as the Director of the Catholic Deaf Community of the Syracuse Diocese. Due to Diocesan cuts, more needs doing in less time, but the people are still wonderful, activities keep multiplying (this year we celebrated the 55th Anniversary), and lots of travel (around the diocese, January Conference in Savannah, another in Philadelphia in July, then with the teens to NCYC in Houston in November). She also tries to find time for hobbies: walking (picking up the beer cans from the hunters), genealogy (slowly tracking back to Ireland, while Geralyn whizzes us back to Germany!), gardening (which got a little rained out), and tap dancing.

Jim and MC the cat haven’t been doing much. Jim still does radar research at the Air Force Research Lab, and tends websites in his spare time.

We hope you are healthy and happy. Best wishes for 2004!

Jim, Mary Margaret, Leo, Katie, Jan-Luc, Marieke and Kateri

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