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Christmas 2010

2010 was another year full of God's blessings, but pretty uneventful until the panic to come right at the end.

Leo, Katie, Avery, and Annika are enjoying life. Travels have taken them to MI in the Spring for a wedding, Boston for aunties, Maine for a wedding, and numerous trips to Rome. Annika is in her first year of preschool and loves her class. She was the "cutest little witch" for Halloween and is turning out to be quite the comedian.

Avery is our socialite who just had her 5 year old birthday bash with 22 kids bouncing off the walls. She stepped out of her comfort zone of princesses this year for Halloween and dressed as Astrid from "How to Train Your Dragon".

Katie is working for Weight Watchers both running meetings and now working from home for a couple hours a day. Great way to manage young ones but difficult to leave your work at the office.

 Leo was quickly hired by Pfizer in January after the merger left him out of work for the best couple of months in his life. He has recently switched companies and now works for Stryker in the Interventional Spine division ( Working in the OR is much more intense than previous jobs, but he loves the challenge.

There is never a dull moment around the house and they are always looking for fun. Here's Annika rockin' out with her aunt Marieke (while Avery cuddles with mom):

Jan-Luc's year was Choc Full o' Nuts. He created an interactive survival horror movie, traveled to a transmedia conference in Atlanta where his game was featured, crafted a scavenger hunt at a huge party in Brooklyn and wrote an interactive comic book. Lots of camping happened during the hot summer. He lives in Brooklyn with his GF Tracy, cat Empire and videogame consoles. Twitter: janlucvd. He seems to be happiest when he's burning things.

   Marieke has had another great year of living! She continues her work at the Old State House in downtown Boston as Site Director. She was also elected to the board of directors for the Loring Greenough House, the historic house where she volunteers in her neighborhood of Jamaica Plain. Her travels this year (mostly for weddings) took her to Chicago, Upstate NY, Glasgow, the Poconos, London, San Diego, and out west. Curt accompanied her on most of the journeys, and in Sioux Falls he asked her to marry him. She said yes! The wedding is taking place right before New Year's in historic Boston. Look for the photos after early 2011.

   Kateri is now into, that is.  Between subbing, The Shack, and Lenscrafters she did manage an Easter trip to the South to visit Peace Corps friends, white water rafting and a quick trip to Boston. Her new boyfriend, Bummer, taught her how to make pretty good beer.

   Mary Margaret enjoyed not traveling on a summer trip.  It was so different just driving the diocese for work and watching our corn grow.  The garden was the best in years!  Now in her spare time she's researching her German roots.  Very interesting, for her!

   MC, our 21 year old deaf cat, mostly complains and sleeps. After 42 years, Jim got kicked out of his Air Force office at the lab since they moved all “his” radars to Dayton, but he still has some projects going at Stiefvater Consultants, where he's been 6 years.

   We were all together in early May to celebrate the wedding of Kay Vollmayer and Sean Pressler near Holland, Michigan.  Everyone traveled from their various cities.  Good time!  Here's the family young folks, cousins of the bride:

And here's the family old folks, mostly aunts, uncles, and cousins once removed:

On the way to Michigan, we did some genealogical work with cousin Mary Ann Botosan in Toronto, and then were able to spring Jim's Dad from rehab after his second hip replacement.

Avery and Annika got to meet their great-grandpa.

We were back to Michigan for a quick visit at Thanksgiving time.  Thanks, Marilyn, for a wonderful dinner!   

   E-mail us at the address at the bottom of our home page, and come back to visit this website sometime which will have breaking news and wedding pictures. We hope you are healthy and happy. Best wishes for 2011!

Jim, Mary Margaret/Tunkin, Leo & Katie & Avery & Annika, Jan-Luc, Marieke, and Kateri

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