The Van Dammes of Rome, New York*

Last updated: 8 Dec 2017

"You want results? You have to go to the Swartzeneggers,
the Stallones,  and to a lesser extent, the Van Dammes."
--Bart Simpson



<-- Bonus photo of our kids & most of our grandkids


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Nice portrait of all of us (except Maggie) 




*Disclaimer: none of these people currently reside in Rome; some never did. 



Well, you'll just have to read our Christmas Newsletter to find that out:

What's Old
Our Eagerly Anticipated Christmas Newsletters
Phenomena & Nostalgia
2016: went on a little road trip to Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein
We did a couple more countries after our road trip: Belgium, Holland, and more Germany
A few pictures of our Guatemala  trip, Feb. 2016

Our colorful trip to Patagonia
Back in Nicaragua again, 2015
Highlights of our little road trip from Burbank to Seattle in 2014 (minus the rain)
Van Hout Reunion 2014
Miscellany of 2014
The Casey-Liang wedding in beautiful downtown Burbank
Our best photos of our pilgrimage to Moloka'i and the Sandwich Islands in our 50th state (or is it 49th, I can never remember)
A few photos from our pilgrimage to Rome for Kateri's canonization. (The other Rome, and the other Kateri.)
Van Damme reunion  2012 photos
Our Nicaragua trip photos in Feb. 2011, when we toured the countryside with Unbound
Twin Lakes, Colorado: a Forhan/Grenon enterprise, 70 years later
Yes, we just happen to have pictures of our grandkids

What Jim's been up to at work all these years. Hurry before it expires

Greatest hits of NullSet Films by Jan-Luc, the Bard of Bushwick

Our penultimate child's pictures etc. have been sequestered due to privacy issues, sorry. Contact him or her directly

Kateri's page

The Van Hout Reunion 2011

Droll pictures of 2009 miscellany  which may amuse you

The extremely detailed story of our trip to  Madagascar

 Our best Madagascar Photos to dazzle you
Pictures of miscellany and interesting stuff in 2008, which you're sure to like
2007 in pictures

Our 5 Great Lakes Tour of 2006

 Our 2005 Europe Photos of Belgium, England and the Van Hout Reunion

Our random photos of other stuff in 2005

Holly Jolly Two:  December, 2001

Leo and Katie's wedding pictures

Best photos of 2001   They don't get any better than this! (Sorry.)

Summer 2001: The Van Dammes on Tour -- Niagara, BC, and the 49th state (or is it 50th, I can never remember)

  Holly Jolly One   Where the legend began -December, 2000

Jan-Luc's Graduation

Pictures of England,Scotland, Ireland and Mariekeland from  Spring Break 99

Leo's Graduation pix

MM's pics from Tucson, January 99

Our second oldest Photo Album from 1998 or so

Our oldest but still cute  Snapshots


Other Miscellany you might get a kick out of
The Gingerbread Man, Traveling Jesus, and Flat Stanley were here

 A folk tale from Belgium : The Devil's Barn 




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Non-Our Family stuff
you're sure to like

Natural Family Planning site,

for adults only

The Genealogical Society
of Flemish Americans

that Jim started the website of

Get your Flemish-American T shirt here

Get a free upgrade from Windows:
Jim's tips on Linux

The Best freeware site

Other, less famous Van Damme places  (no relation):

Where are we from? Well, Damme, I guess

Van Damme State Park in California, a good place to chill out

Van Damme, Inc. ripens bananas in Brussels. Not sure what that says about Van Dammes

Art Van Damme,  jazz accordianist and the Godfather of Lounge Lizards

The Memorial Van Damme is one of the premier track & field grand prix meetings in the world, with reigning olympic and world champions participating each year

Learn physics the Van Damme Academy way. Why? Well, I'm glad you asked that.

Wierdest Van Damme site ever. Something about lie detectors. In Zaire, In Zaire

The Van Damme Christmas tree farm is closed.
Bah! Humbug! 

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Van Damme fake laptops
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